Vertical Cutter Mixer (VCM)

VCM Video


Mix, cut, chop, blend, emulsify, grate andgrind. 

Equipment Safety Precautions 

Always use care with any electrical equipment. 

  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that could get caught in the machinery. 
  • Before you put together, clean or take apart electrical equipment 
    1. Turn off the appliance. 
    2. Turn off the circuit breaker,* wall switch or unplugfrom the electrical outlet. 
  • Use care withthe blade**.
    • Keep the blade sharp. 
    • Keep your hands awayfrom the blade while it is in place. 
    • Only store the blade in the knife assembly.** 
  • Always follow the lockout/tagoutprocedures for your facility. 

Food Safety Precautions 

To prevent cross-contamination 

  • Clean and sanitize equipment before use. 
  • Clean and sanitize the VCM thoroughly between uses and when you use the mixer for more than one item. 

Safe Operating Directions 

  1. Check that electrical outlet and machine power sources are OFF. 
  2. Move the bowl tilt handle** to HOLD to lock the bowl in a vertical (upright) position. 
  3. Attach the blade to the drive shaft.** 
  4. Remove anybones from meat or poultry. 
  5. Place the foodto be processedin the bowl. 
  6. Close the lid andpullthe locking bracket** over the bar projectingfrom the lid. 
  7. Turn the breaker or wall switch ON or plug the machine into the electrical outlet. 
  8. Turn ON the machine switch. 
  9. When mixing hot items 
  • Open the viewing port slightly to let the steam escape. 
  • Use a towel to cover the port and prevent splashing. 
  1. When the food is processed, turn the machine switch OFF. 
  2. Turn the circuit breaker or wall switch OFF or unplug the machine from the electrical outlet. 
  3. Open the lid after the machine has stopped. 
  4. Be careful notto cut yourself on the blade. Make sure you are using the appropriate utensils. 
  5. Remove the food to a clean and sanitized container. 

Safe Cleaning Directions 

  1. Pre-wash the VCM. Fill the bowl 2/3 full with warm water. 
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of mild liquid dish washing detergent for every gallon of water. 
  3. Turn the breaker or wall switch ON, or plug the machine into the electrical outlet. 
  4. Turn the machine switch ON. 
  5. Close the lid and run the machine for 3 bursts of 3 seconds each. 
  6. Leave the soapy water in the bowlfor further cleaning after the electricity is turned off. 
  7. Turn the machine switch OFF. 
  8. Turn OFF the breaker or wall switch or unplugthe machine from the electrical outlet. 
  9. Carefully take the blade out of the drive shaft. 
  10. Wash, rinse, and sanitize the blade in the pot and pan sink or the dishwasher. Do not leave the blade in the sink to soak. 
  11. Wash the inside ofthe bowl and the lid with warm water, milddetergent, and asoft cloth. 
  12. Use a plastic spatula to scrape any food that is stuck to the bowl or lid. 
  13. Tilt the unit forward and empty the bowl. 
  14. Rinse with clean water, and empty the bowl again. 
  15. Sanitize andthen let the bowl air dry. 
  16. Put the machine back together after ithas been cleaned. Do not attach the blade to the drive shaft. 


* Circuit Breaker –A circuit breaker automatically stops the flow of electricity when the electric circuit gets overloaded. You can also switch off a circuit breaker by hand at any time. 

Review Questions

Circle the answer that best describes the safe operating procedures related to using and cleaning a vertical cutter mixer (VCM). 

  1. How do you safely hold the blade? 
    1. Hold the sharp edge ofthe blade. 
    2. Hold the raised part ofthe blade opposite the sharp edge. 
    3. Pinch the middle of the blade. 
    4. Use tongs or safety gloves. 
  2. When you are ready to process the food, what needs to be done first? 
    1. Tilt the bowl. 
    2. Close the lid. 
    3. Close the lid and lock it. 
    4. Turn the VCM on. 
  3. To safely operate a VCM 
    1. Make sure the bowl is lockedin an upright position. 
    2. Use single use disposable gloves to remove food from the bowl when itis done. 
    3. Never mix hot items. 
    4. Store the blade in the drive shaft. 
  4. To clean the VCM when you are done 
    1. Wash the VCM with warm water and mild detergent, rinse and sanitize. Empty the bowl and allow to air dry. 
    2. Pre-wash the VCM. Turn the power off, then carefully remove the blade, wash, rinse and sanitize in a pot sink. Wash and rinse, then sanitize the bowl and allow to air dry. 
    3. Pre-wash the VCM. Then wash the VCM bowl with warm water and mild detergent, rinse and sanitize. Soak the blade in a pot sink; then sanitize and allow to air dry. 
    4. Turn the power off.Scrape the VCM bowl, then wash the bowl and blade with warm water and mild detergent, rinse and sanitize.