Food Slicer

Food Slicer Video 


Cut slices of the same thickness. 

Equipment Safety Precautions 

Always use care with any electrical equipment. 

  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that could get caught in the machinery. 
  • Before you put together, clean or take apart electrical equipment
    1. Turn off the appliance. 
    2. Turn off the circuit breaker,* wall switch or unplug from the electrical outlet. 
  • Keep your hands and utensils away from the blade when it is being used.
    • Use the handles to move the food back and forth and apply pressure to the food. 
    • NEVER use your hands. 
  • NEVER leave a machine in AUTOMATIC mode unattended. 
  • Always follow the lockout/tagout procedures for your facility. 

Food Safety Precautions 

To prevent cross-contamination, clean and sanitize pans and equipment before use. 

Safe Operating Directions 

  1. Set the thickness indicator knob** to ZERO when you are not slicing food. (This will protect workers from the blade.) 
  2. Check that the electrical outlet and the machine power sources are OFF. 
  3. Check that the thickness indicator knob is set to ZERO. 
  4. Plug in the machine. 
  5. Make sure that the tray** that will hold the food is in the position closest to you. 
  6. Place the product to be sliced onto the tray. Place the meat grip** so that it holds the food in place. 
  7. Use the indicator knob to choose the thickness you want. 
  8. TO SLICE MANUALLY Set the machine to MANUAL mode. 
    • Turn the machine ON. 
    • Use the handle to push the tray back and forth to slice the food. Never use your hands. 
    • When you are done, turn the machine OFF. 
  9. TO SLICE AUTOMATICALLY Set the machine to AUTOMATIC mode. 
    • Set the speed you want. 
    • Turn the machine ON. The machine will begin to slice. 
    • When the food has been sliced, turn the machine back to MANUAL mode and turn the machine OFF. 

Safe Cleaning Directions 

1. Turn the thickness indicator knob to ZERO. 

2. Make sure that the machine has been turned OFF. 

3. Unplug the machine from the electrical outlet. 

4. Remove the tray. 

  • Unscrew it from the base. 
  • Lift it straight up. 

5. Loosen the knob at the center of the blade to remove the top blade guard. 

6. Wash these removable parts in the pot and pan sink using hot water and mild detergent. 

7. Rinse, sanitize and allow to air dry. Do not washthese parts in the dishwasher. 

8. Carefully wipe all surfaces of the slicer, including the blade, using a cloth dipped in warm water and mild detergent. 

9. Rinse with a different cloth dipped in clean water, sanitize and allow to air dry. 

  • Never dip the slicer in water. 
  • Never use steel pads to clean the slicer. 

10. Carefully put the slicer back together. 



* Circuit Breaker – A circuit breaker automatically stops the flow of electricity when the electric circuit gets overloaded. You can also switch off a circuit breaker by hand at any time. 

Review Questions

Circle the answer that best describes the safe operating procedures related to using and cleaning a slicer. 

  1. When you use a slicer to slice food 
    1. Hold the food firmly in place with your hands, using disposable gloves. 
    2. Use the slicer handles to put pressure on the food as it slices. 
    3. Set the machine in automatic mode and wash your hands. 
    4. All of the above. 
  2. To safely operate a slicer, first 
    1. Set the thickness indicator at the thickness you want. 
    2. Place the food on the tray. 
    3. Turn the slicer on. 
    4. Set the thickness indicator knob to zero. 
  3. Before you start to clean a slicer, make sure 
    1. The machine is unplugged. 
    2. The thickness indicator is set to zero. 
    3. The machine is turned off. 
    4. All of the above. 
  4. To clean the slicer 
    1. Use mild detergent to clean and sanitize all parts in place. Allow to air dry. 
    2. Remove the tray and blade guard and wash, rinse and sanitize in a pot sink; carefully wash, rinse and sanitize the blade and other slicer surfaces. Air dry all the parts, then reassemble. 
    3. Soak all slicer parts in the pot sink, rinse, sanitize and air dry. 
    4. Remove the tray and blade guard, scrub the tray and blade with steel wool.