Food Cutter & Choppers

Food Cutter & Choppers Video


Cuts foods, such as celery, onions, cabbage, potatoes, meats, and make breadcrumbs. 

Equipment Safety Precautions 

Always use care with any electrical equipment. 

  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that could get caught in the machinery.
  • Before you put together, clean or take apart electrical equipment.
    • 1. Turn off the appliance.
    • 2. Turn off the circuit breaker*, wall switch or unplug from the electrical outlet.
  • Use the machine guard** to prevent access to the cutter blades.**
  • Do not open the cutter or put your hands into any operating machine to stir contents or guide food.
    • Keep your hands away from the bowl and cover.
    • Use a spatula, not your hands, to remove food from the bowl.
  • Always follow the lockout/tagout procedures for your facility. 

Food Safety Precautions 

To prevent cross-contamination 

  • Clean and sanitize equipment before use.
  • Clean and sanitize the cutter thoroughly between uses and when you use the mixer for more than one item. 

Safe Operating Directions 

  1. Have the food that you wish to cut near the cutter and ready to be processed.
  2. Lock the cover into place. (The cutter will not start unless the cover is locked in place.) 
  3. Turn the circuit breaker or wall switch ON or plug the machine into the electrical outlet.
  4. To start the food cutter, PULL OUT the START/STOP switch.
  5. Carefully, place the food into the bowl. As it goes around in the bowl, it will be processed.
  6. When you see the food processed to the state you desire, PUSH IN the START/STOP switch.
  7. Turn OFF the breaker or wall switch or unplug the machine from the electrical outlet.
  8. When the food cutter completely stops, use a rubber spatula to remove the food from the bowl. 

Safe Cleaning Directions 

  1. Remove the processed food from the cutter.
  2. Unlock and raise the bowl cover.
  3. Remove the comb,** the piece that sits between the cutter blades to keep them clean.
  4. Turn the knife shaft,** moving the blades to a horizontal position.
  5. Carefully, remove the blades from the knife shaft by first loosening the hand knob that keeps them in place, and slide them off the shaft.
  6. Wash, rinse and sanitize the blades.
  7. To remove the bowl, turn it clockwise and lift from its support.
  8. Wash, rinse and sanitize the bowl, the comb, the hand knob and the exterior of the food cutter.
  9. Put the food cutter back together and tighten the hand knob securely. 


* Circuit Breaker – A circuit breaker automatically stops the flow of electricity when the electric circuit gets overloaded. You can also switch off a circuit breaker by hand at any time. 

Review Questions

Circle the answer that best describes the safe operating procedures related to using and cleaning a food cutter or chopper. 

  1. To safely use a food cutter/chopper while the machine is on  
    1. Open the cutter lid to stir the food.
    2. Keep your hands away from the bowl and cover.
    3. Use a utensil such as a spatula.
    4. None of the above.
  2. The purpose for the machine guard is to
    1. Keep the blades clean during processing.
    2. Hold the bowl in place.
    3. Hold the blades in place.
    4. Keep you from touching the cutter blades.
  3. The cutter/chopper will not startif _______.
    1. There is no food in the bowl.
    2. There is not enough food in the bowl.
    3. The cover is not locked in place.
    4. The hand knob is not tightened.
  4. To clean and sanitize the removable parts of acutter/chopper, make sure the machine is OFF and unplugged, then
    1. Remove the knife shaft and run it through a dishwashing machine.
    2. Remove the bowl, comb and knife shaft; then slide blades off the shaft. Carefully wash, rinse, sanitize and air dry.
    3. Clean the cutter/chopper in place, rinse and spray with sanitizing solution.
    4. Soak the bowl, comb and knife shaft in a pot sink with mild detergent, rinse, sanitize and allow to air dry.