Food Safety in the Workplace

Poor food handling practices at work can cause foodborne illness. Improper operation and cleaning of food service equipment can jeopardize the safety of food employees. Information and education are key to improving food and equipment safety practices from farm to table.

The following training modules provide guidelines and resources for quick, easy and interactive educational sessions. Instructional materials such as posters, pamphlets and other print materials are available in multiple languages.

Food Safety for Food Workers

Teaching tips, pamphlet and posters addressing the basic food safety principles:  Practice Good Personal Hygiene, Control Time and Temperature and Prevent Contamination. Translations are available in 14 different languages.

Food Equipment & Safety Training (FEAST)

FEAST instructional materials, fact sheets and video segments address proper equipment operation and cleaning procedures for 12 common types of food service equipment. Additional materials review personal dress and hygiene, and (the) safe use of gas and electricity. Translations are available in 9 different languages.

Additional Publications



Food Safety from Farm and Garden to Preschool Online Course 

This free, 5-lesson online training for early childcare educators and foodservice staff was developed by the University of Massachusetts and University of New Hampshire to provide food safety information and resources for those incorporating farm to preschool activities in their early childhood education programs.